The kits are now up to date and available off the shelf. Finally I expect to start sending out completed boards from the end of this week at a rate of one per week. Only about a month later than I’d have liked – sorry to those of you still waiting.

When they’re finally out of the way I can finish the clock ;)

Sorry to have been quiet yet again but I haven’t had any spare time since December, when we were slightly overwhelmed with orders :).

I have now caught up with the chessboard kits (the last one outstanding is ready for UPS on Monday) and have a small quantity ready to post. The ready-built boards are as usual taking too long and as I hadn’t even cleared the 2013 backlog it will be quite some time before any more are available.

In the next couple of weeks I’m hoping we can move the shop section to a new website and return this blog to occasional posts about lasers and strange experiments, though it may be some time before I have a chance to add anything new.

Chess Shop Header

Hey everybody! We got so many orders throughout December, to the point where we’ve built a backlog of work we need to get through. Because of this, we’ve decided to (temporarily) mark all our chessboards as Out Of Stock until we clear this backlog, whereupon the boards will return to sale. If you were thinking of buying soon, I’m sorry for messing your plans up.

Also, I’ve started making some changes to the website, in an effort to get the shop (and eventually the forums) to work better in relation to the rest of the site. Things are still a bit wonky and buggy at the moment, so be careful not to lean on anything too hard! And please report any serious bugs you find to Tony (at)

Hope you all had a good Christmas!


Merry December 10th, everybody! I’m just posting to let you know that the Nixie Chessboard 1.5 is now on sale at ThinkGeek! It’s something we’ve had in the works for about a million years, and now it’s finally happening!

If you’re looking to buy a chessboard as a Christmas present, then I’d recommend the ThinkGeek chessboard, because they’ll probably get it to you in time! At Lasermad, we don’t have ThinkGeek’s magic courier deals, so anything we post after Thursday won’t arrive until January. Bleh.

Well, thanks for reading! Have a very merry Christmas, everybody!

I’ve not posted much recently but that’s more due to the amount of projects I’ve been working on rather than the lack. Amongst these:

I will soon have ready a new easier to build version of the nixie chessboard, using printed coils and with a choice of SMD or all through-hole parts (I’ll probably end up using the SMD boards myself in ready-built boards, which will be much easier and faster to assemble using these). The PCBs haven’t been easy to make, special processing was required to produce low resistance windings that were at least as efficient as a hand wound coil with narrow tracks and spacing, even now the reject and rework rate is high and every coil is hand tested – one of the things taking up time just now.

Once the final bugs are ironed out and complete kits are available I’ll add another post with prices. This time availability will be off the shelf until sold out.