A real CO2 laser

I was called in to repair this laser about 4 years ago. The turbine had been connected with the phases reversed and had sucked oil from the vacuum pump into the resonator. The blue/black coating on the glassware is burnt oil. The resonator had to be stripped and cleaned, the optics were scrap and the turbine removed and cleaned.

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  1. Do you offer a kit for youVFA 1500 1.2KW CO2 laser?
    If so much is it?
    What other kits do you offer and can you send me the links. I’m having trouble navigating you suite and finding them

    1. The only kit I have for sale is the chessboard, the VFA is a ready-built industrial machine, obsolete now but you might still see one for sale on plant auction sites. I’ve never considered offering laser kits as the cost of making them compared to sales would be even worse than the chessboard is proving to be.

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