My second homemade CO2 laser

Second scratchbuilt laser started in 2000 and abandoned in 2001, quite a bit more advanced than the first using a 10mm laser cut frame and 10mm perspex mounting blocks with machined aluminium mirrir mounts. Despite the over-engineering I was never happy with the results despite trying a few different resonator configurations.

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  1. Hello, I just found your site with the pictures of the co2 laser of november 2010. I’m very interested in knowing the details of the cavity optics (radius of curvature of the output coupler/total refletcor and reflectivity of the output coupler) and which resonator configs you used. I can only use a Half-symmetric because i can only buy a flat output coupler and a sperical mirror. I have a 1 meter bore and I plan to use a 7 meters (approx) radius of curvature total reflector so that i should have 3mm of spot size at the waist (at the output coupler) and coefficients of stablity g1=0 and g2=0.83.
    thank you

  2. ops…it’s g1=1

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