All posts for the month March, 2011

Well it’s about time I got around to it, it’s over 12 years now since I first came across the idea and after all scratchbuilt lasers just aren’t cool anymore, in fact once something becomes work it tends to take the fun right out of it – remember that next time you want that ‘dream job’. It’s not so much fun after 10 hours covered in oil and metal oxides replacing the turbopump – again – as the first replacement was a ‘good used’ that wasn’t – these are real pumps the size and weight of a car engine, not the little 50l toys ;).

Anyway I’m busy accumulating the bits needed to build a small round glow light AKA fusion reactor, mostly the Neutron detector frontend and some better vacuum plumbing. Trying to decide if I should splash out on a small turbopump or just buy some silicone oil for the diffusion punp. Bits like that….

Once something interesting gets put together I’ll post more.