Chessboard kits – all sold


All the 50 kits I’d planned to put together have been allocated to potential buyers, but if  anyone missed out it’s still worth sending me an email to register your interest just in case anyone drops out.

I’ve decided that due to vastly underestimating both the cost and time required to make these kits available that it just won’t make sense to take orders for a further batch, plus there are other projects waiting to distract me. There is a little Lexel Argon laser sitting on the floor here, over the last 2 weeks I’ve only had time to lift it off its’ pallet and look inside for broken glass. Sorting out a power supply and chilller for it will have to wait for now….

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  1. Hi,
    Are you sold out of everything? I am very interested in the skelton crew set or at the very least would be interested in purchasing a set of schematics from you so i could make the pcb’s myself.


  2. I would love one of these chess sets, if there is any chance can I be put on the reserve list, or possible get pcb schematic and component list if you wont be making anymore of these?

    Thank you

  3. Wow, Cool project. Exclusivity and now limited. I hope that our e-mail correspondence last week meant I got on your list of purchasing…..

    Regards – Brian.

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