Coil formers

A few pictures of the coil formers and how they fit together, these will become part of the assembly instructions.

Baseboard driver coil, from the left 0.8mm coil top, 1.5mm spacer, 1.5mm base, 1.5mm holder.

The parts threaded onto an M5 bolt which is used to hold the former while winding the coil. It’s worth running a little superglue into the former before winding to stick the former pieces together as the wire will tend to push them apart. Not too much though or you’ll glue them to the bolt.

Chesspiece coil, from the left 0.8mm base, 1.5mm spacer and PCB which forms the coil former top.

Assembled ready for coil winding.

After winding the wire insulation needs to be scraped off before soldering.

After soldering the ends run some superglue into the coil windings to fix in place.


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  1. So cool, this is what I’ve been hanging out to see, the construction phases 🙂
    Go Tony!!

  2. What is the cooper wire being coiled around? How many turns are reqd?

    1. The wire is wrapped round the smallest of the discs, the others act as the top and bottom and hold the wire in place. There’s about 60 turns.

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