First 4×4 PCBs

Small batch of the new design 4×4 boards, I’ll build one up tonight to make sure there haven’t been any problems introduced when tidying up the layout.

My glasscutting powers are weak…..


Had to compress them a lot as the broadband speed this weekend is terrible.


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  1. The boards look beautiful, nice!, maybe put glass on the base too just to see them haha

    Glass top looks good too, be interesting to see with a darker glass.

    Getting closer 🙂
    Well done Tony, very nice work!

  2. Oh, that’s right, if any of us plan to put a glass top on in the future we’d need one of those engraved rings (with the piece labels). But that would also add to cost… But I wonder how much.

    1. Very difficult to make those, $1000 each 😉
      It’s just the outer edge of the usual top with the centre cut out, you could do this yourself once you decide to replace it with glass.

      1. I have Asperger’s, so I would probably change it back and forth… If I cut out the center there would be no going back if I didn’t end up liking the results. I don’t expect this to become an add-on, I just noticed that problem is all. I have never worked with glass before… I guess if there’s scrap material and it didn’t cost much I would add that piece label ring on as well.

        1. I can supply a second top with or without the centre cutout as needed, I’ve scrapped a couple with scratches that could be used for this. I’m useless at working with glass, the advantage of the label ring is it hides the rough edges. If you know somebody who can cut and drill glass you could have an all-glass top made.

          1. So how much extra would it cost to add on a label ring (with our custom text)? I’ve already added extra pieces/nixies for checkers, so why not glass top future proof it as well.

          2. If I have to buy extra laminate for them and engrave some extras probably about £5.

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