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Just in case anyone has missed them, the instructions (or some of them) are now posted on the forums, you don’t need to register to read them but to prevent spammers if you want to post I’ll have to maually approve your account so leave a comment here if you sign up, just in case I don’t recognise the name.

I’ve been surprised at the number of requests for black laminate PCBs, when I first mentioned them I expected maybe 5 or 10 sets to be sold but they’ve been a little more popular than that. I have enough black laminate for the kits I’ve invoiced but very few more. I can buy some but the minimum order is far more than I’ll need to finish the rest of the orders.

An alternative is to have the PCBs maufactured and coated with black solder resist. Again to reduce the cost I would need to pay for a batch of 250, though I would change the design again to use 4 identical boards per kit with a small stub to hold the power terminals. Still this will be enough for over 60 more kits. This would also remove the choice of PCB type and price, it would be the black option or nothing. It will make assebly easier though as they’ll be be marked with component positions.

The baseboard currently drives IN-7s which aren’t as common as they used to be ;) but almost any small/medium nixie or VFD display can be used without modification, only the piece base PCBs will need to be altered. This means I could use the same board with different piece sets in future if there’s enough interest. On the other hand I don’t want to destroy the uniqueness.

What are your thoughts?

Update: Invoices have now finally been sent out to numbers 15-26 on the list. I’ve made it 11 as I have that many PCBs ready, I’ll need to rout a few extra coil formers and side pieces to cover it. This batch should be ready in about 7-10 days, the next one will be a while longer though as there’s a lot more needed next time.


The last three of the first nine kits and one set of PCBs have just been collected by Fedex. To keep things manageable I’m going to continue with batches of ten so apologies to the last two waiting I recently emailed – you may have to wait for the third batch as I’m not going for a run of fifteen just yet.

I’ll shortly be sending out invoices so if you’re number 15 to 26 on the waiting list and haven’t received anything by Saturday  Sunday Monday evening check your spam filters or contact me to let me know. I’ll update this when I finally have sent them all out.


Just sorting out last minute stuff, I wanted to be sure about the total packed weight before sending out invoices.

So what have I been up to?. I finally found something to use as a spool for the copper wire so have wound some into 110g bundles. The components have been counted into bages, either by hand or weight depending on type and quantity. The board tops are engraved for those of you who wanted custom messages si I now feel ready to send out the invoices so expect one tomorrow evening.  We have a bird display tomorrow which will take all day and in spare moments I’m designing a desktop thermometer for somebody who may or may not want it, prototyping a high power (10A+) constant current regulator and supposed to be repairing some power tools I promised to look at. Plus all those little ideas that pop up and sometimes need to be followed.


Emails have now gone out to the next 16 on the list so if you’re number 28 or lower and haven’t received anything please let me know. For real this time ;)


As posted earlier  emails have now gone out to the first ten on the list waiting for kits. If you were given a number from 1-11 (Three wasn’t included as they want a complete built board) and haven’t received an email from me please let me know as soon as possible.

If I haven’t received a reply after one week or if I receive a reply cancelling the order you’ll be removed from the list and everyone waiting will be moved up one place, including the serial number of their board. This seemed the fairest way to do it though a little slow otherwise #60 on the list could receive board #9.

One thing I’ve learned from the replies received up to now is it might be a good idea to see how many others are still interested. I’ll shortly be emailing a second batch of 15, from 12-27 (13 doesn’t exist) so again let me know if you haven’t received anything by this evening. This will just be to find out if you still want one with or without black PCBs and to allow time for dropouts and the serial numbers to be rearranged. I won’t be invoicing anyone until there is something ready to send.