First batch :)

Update: Invoices have now finally been sent out to numbers 15-26 on the list. I’ve made it 11 as I have that many PCBs ready, I’ll need to rout a few extra coil formers and side pieces to cover it. This batch should be ready in about 7-10 days, the next one will be a while longer though as there’s a lot more needed next time.


The last three of the first nine kits and one set of PCBs have just been collected by Fedex. To keep things manageable I’m going to continue with batches of ten so apologies to the last two waiting I recently emailed – you may have to wait for the third batch as I’m not going for a run of fifteen just yet.

I’ll shortly be sending out invoices so if you’re number 15 to 26 on the waiting list and haven’t received anything by Saturday  Sunday Monday evening check your spam filters or contact me to let me know. I’ll update this when I finally have sent them all out.


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  1. I paid, but got charged an extra $14.13 in paypal currency conversion fees… Greedy bastards… It doesn’t cost them anything to convert the currency, it’s just another excuse to get my money.

    If I buy anything from you again can you please send the invoice in USD so I don’t get charged the conversion fees?

    So my kit will be sent out in a week or so? Sounds good!

    1. Nobody else has mentioned that, if I’d known I would have billed in $s. I wonder if I refund your payment will it return the fees? – and no it doesn’t cost them anything as they convert at a preferential exchange rate – for them.

    2. Plus of course they kept 3.9% of it when it arrived here.

  2. They always keep some portion of the fees when there is a refund, so don’t do that as I may end up paying more. Just remember to send the invoice in USD if I buy stuff from you again.

    They sure got a lot of money on this one. Fees on top of fees…

    1. I had a look through their ‘help’ pages but couldn’t find a definite answer so probably safest to leave it as is. $ wouldn’t have been a problem as I use them to pay for nixies. Seems strange even now paying for Soviet military components in dollars…

  3. I should have remembered to tell you to send me the invoice in USD, but I forgot. I have had this issue before, but with much smaller sums. If only there was a major paypal competitor…

  4. Tony, where are the pictorial instructions?

    1. They are on his forum.

      Tip – look for the forum link on the right hand bar under “Links”

      1. Thank you. I was just going to start getting anxious. No worries now.

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