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Invoices for the third batch have been sent, the response has been surprisingly poor so a couple of the fourth batch may be receiving invoices later today.


I haven’t received any more replies so the kits to be completed are as follows:

Third batch will be numbers 27 to 36 and will have serials from 24 to 31. I’ll invoice for these shortly.

Fourth batch will be numbers 38 to 47 and will have serials from 32 to 39. I would expect these to be ready in the first half of November.

Fifth batch will be numbers 50 to 63 and will have serials from 40 to 48. I would expect these to be ready in the second half of November or early December.

Once those are out of the way I have two completed boards for numbers 3 and 46 to build.

If you missed my email or have not had a chance to reply yet serials 49 and 50 are still available. The final number of these boards made available will be 50 plus one prototype.

I’ll give it a couple of more days for replies then purge the waiting list and email everyone who has replied with their new place and a (very) rough estimate of which batch they’ll be in and when they will be ready. Currently it looks like there will be three more batches of eight each to make them more manageable.

Just a reminder if you’ve signed up for a forum account and it hasn’t been approved please leave a comment here just to confirm your email really is or similar ;)

Edit: I’ve emailed everyone still waiting, if you haven’t received anything from me please let me know here. Based on the response up to now I cannot justify the expense of buying in more black laminate as only about 1/5 of it will be used so I will supply black PCBs until what I have runs out.

(extra edit) having said that though I probably will have enough to supply all those who have asked for black laminate.


A little later than planned the second batch is complete, I’m packing them ready for collection now  and once they’re out of the way I’ll send out invoices for the third batch, probably 10 this time.

Before that though I really need to find out just how many kits are still wanted and how many of those are to be upgraded to black laminate so over the next couple of days I’ll email everybody still on the waiting list.

To avoid confusion due to my slowness I’ll update this post once they really have been sent out so don’t worry if you haven’t received anything until then. Numbers 27 and 28 are already confirmed so ‘everybody’ means  number 29 and up.

Serial numbers completed this time are 10 (from the first batch), 12, 14 and 15-23 inclusive.

Previous batch serial numbers were 1,2,4,5,6,7,8,9,11 and 13. Serial 3 is reserved for a complete set which has been requested but not yet built.


Still here routing profiles and stuffing components in plastic bags. I realised too late that I’d billed the second batch too early and what I thought would be completed over a weekend has run into taking up most of last week.