Kit batches

By Tony | November 3, 2012 | Chessboard kit

As mentioned earlier I’ve had a couple of dropouts from this batch and combined with the convenience of working in decimal multiples I’ve decided to just switch to 2 batches of 10, followed by whatever is needed to mop up any stragglers ;). This should help speed things up a bit for those later on the list. I’ll send out invoices to the first few in the second batch shortly.

I don’t expect this to delay things for those who have already paid as it’s already been more convenient to prepare things in batches of 10.

I’ve also been considering casting the piece bases from epoxy resin as an alternative to routing them from a block of laminate, the finished result should appear virtually identical once assembled and using epoxy instead of a later synthetic keeps it authentic to the current style. Anyone have any opinions, ideas or objections to me doing this?.