Yes, I know it’s late and we’ve been over this already but..

By Tony | November 10, 2012 | Chessboard kit

Having recently had a batch of PCBs for another project made by a local manufacturer I would like to replace my handmade chessboard PCBs with professionally made boards. It’ll save hours of painfully slow engraving, snapped drill bits and probably about 10 days of machine time which can be used to make other parts.  I don’t want anyone who has already received a kit to be left feeling short changed but at the same time don’t want to be tied to making the PCBs when I know they could be done faster and better elsewhere.

If you’ve already received a kit and want to replace the engraved PCBs I will supply a replacement at cost price including postage – or you could keep the original boards knowing that only 22 of them will ever exist.

if you’ve paid for a kit and are still waiting I’ll be contacting you directly shortly.

I know this should have been decided much sooner but until now I couldn’t be certain a batch of 40-50 boards would sell, a lack of confidence on my part. The piece PCBs will still be engraved as I have a large number of them already made.


Another question for those already building – are the ready assembled parts useful or not?. Again if they’re not needed it will save some time and I’d like to get all the kits out before the middle of December.

Edit to add – they’ll have black solder resist, same as this board but without tracks on the top as they’re not double sided and probably not with component markings – unless there’s enough requests for them.