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As mentioned earlier I’m using the time whilst waiting for the PCBs to machine the parts needed for the remaining 30 kits. As soon as the boards are ready those kits that have already been paid for will be despatched and I’ll be finally able to invoice and send the remaining 20. Once things start moving they’ll need to go out fast. I’ve ordered 40 PCBs which will cover the existing orders, the rest will be used for a small batch of ‘handmade’ boards which will be fully assembled and working. (I may yet regret that….. 🙂 )

The ideas have been piling up for future projects, at least 4 that I would like to work on once these are completed. The nixie thermometer is currently in limbo awaiting a decision, if that’s accepted it would make invesing in further designs much easier. I have an idea for a USB powereed ‘desk toy’ that will demonstrate the chessboard’s wireless pieces but require much less construction. Plus a VFD thermometer, clock and others.

For now though I would like to end the year by completing all the kits that have been requested. Next year I can start on the ready built boards……


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  2. Can you save one of those new single PCBs for me? You could ship it to me when I order one of your future projects.

    The pieces are quite tedious as I have yet to get to the board…

    1. I’ve ordered a couple more than needed and already have allocated you one :).
      That is the problem with building these, they’re technically easy as it’s a simple circuit but due to the repetition rapidly become boring…

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