Clock Died

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Clock Died

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I have a version 1.0 5 tube nixie clock that I built in August 2014. About a year ago it quit working. While it is plugged in the alarm buzzer makes a plaintive continuous beep. When you remove power three of the nixie digits light briefly and the 5 blue LEDs under the tubes come on and then fade off. It worked great until this happened. Sadly I'm not anywhere near being an electrical engineer so I have no way to troubleshoot this problem. Any thoughts as to which component may have failed?

Thanks, Dan
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Re: Clock Died

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Apologies for the late reply, a direct email would be faster as I don't always check here.

Have you tried another 5V supply?. After that it would be check the current being drawn and that 5V is reaching the PIC, also if anything is getting hot. If the nixies flash on then T12 and the PIC are probably OK. I'd be happy to repair it for you, postage costs to/from the USA are a bit high these days though.
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