Clock Details

Instructions, hints and discussion for constructors of our first 5-tube nixie clock.
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Clock Details

Post by Valehope03 »

I am working on a document version of the operating instructions for the clock that is easy to print.

Can you provide any details on what the various decimal positions indicate? To clarify, the 4 numeric nixies have a total of 8 decimals (one on each side of the numeral). It seems like a decimal represents alarm enabled, another may be auto-dimming, etc. Can you confirm this?

Also, if there are any details on the GPS input you would want to include please let me know.

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Re: Clock Details

Post by Tony »

You could include these from the 'options and mods':

GPS input - 5V TTL level serial data at 2400/4800/9600 BPS (auto detect). Wire up a jack plug for SK2 as follows:

Tip - Ground
Centre barrel - 5V
Outer barrel - Data out from GPS.

Fit wire links in places R14 (upper) and R27 when building the PCB if you intend to use this in future.

Louder/quieter alarm: Reduce or increase the value of R12, acceptable values are from about 27R to 220R+

Brighter LEDs: Reduce to value of R6,7,17,19,22 to a min. of 470R. To remove the LED feature just bridge D2-6 with solder.

The DPs indicate from left to right:

Alarm set,12/24 hour mode selected,PM. The rightmost DP isn't used as yet.

If you need any more information just ask.
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