Alarm lockup firmware bug

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Re: Alarm lockup firmware bug

Post by Tony »

Thank you for that - I hate banked memory as no matter what, something slips through a bank select. It would be worth starting a new thread for it though as the alarm bug was in 2013 and it may not be noticed in here.
Are there any kits left you haven't built yet? ;)
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Re: Alarm lockup firmware bug

Post by Skyraider »

Hello Tony,
you are right, I propose to open a new topic dedicated to firmware update.
I think that one of the missing bank select was the cause of the occasionnal (1 time per month or so) crash of the clock I faced when using the GPS unit.
But until now, I am not able to prove it (the crash was so difficult to reproduce). (note: I also applied the fix on the Cylinder clock because I had the same issue when connecting it to a GPS unit)
What I can say is that I had no more crash since I applied the latest firmware version (3rd of July)...

Speaking of kits left: The chessboard is not built yet !
I want to thank you again with these kits. I am a former hardware designer, I switch to Website management 20 years ago and thanks to your kits, I am coming back to electronics. And I am still fond of it !
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