0- Read me first - kit contents

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0- Read me first - kit contents

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Thank you for buying our first clock kit :)

First of all I should mention there are now 2 versions, one using the IR proximity sensor and one using two touchswitches for control. If you have a Bag1 labelled 'CLK501B' and your Bag2 contains 2 small red PCBs then you have the touchswitch version. They are almost identical but to avoid confusion it has its' own assembly threads prefixed 'BUTTON'.

Assembly should not be too difficult for anyone with some soldering experience. Where possible components which look as dissimilar as possible have been used, such as for the various capacitors.

Please do take time to read through the instructions first before picking up your soldering iron, especially the modification to the LEDs under the tubes and the new socket arrangement.

Most of the photographs are compressed this time so I don't need to apologise to anyone trying to build this on dialup ;).

First of all, unpack and check the kit contents to make sure everything arrived intact. I've split the contents into eight separate packs as follows:


Clockwise from the top left corner -

3x Numeric nixie tubes (3x IN-14) - same pack of 3 as used with the thermometer.
1x Symbol nixie tube and 1x numeric tube (IN-19B,IN-14) marked with white tape to avoid confusion with the thermometer 2-tube pack
1x Mains to 5V mini USB power supply - some kits have a 'charger adapter' with interchangeable plug ends for international use.
USB A to mini B cable approx. 6 feet (1.8M)
Case parts bag - these will need sanding before use
Misc component bag including the PCB (bag1) - start with this one
Static sensitive component bag (bag2) - then this one
Steel M4 fittings - mostly stainless steel.