Help! Problem....

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Help! Problem....


Help! The clock has worked fine for a long time, but recently there's a big problem. If the module is brought to the base, ready to float it, all (or most?) of the digits in all the tubes light up - and if I left it in position they stay that way (basically 'garbage' display, no time, multiple digits per tube). Not all light up the same, and I can send a photo if it helps.

My limited ability to troubleshoot suggests it's not a power issue (after all, more digits light up than normal!) and I have carefully inspected the module interior to check for anything really obvious like a short etc.

So I'm kinda stumped as to what to do. I have basic tools, multimeter, etc. so can check stuff if someone could guide me where to start.


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Re: Help! Problem....

Have you tried powering off for a couple of hours then trying again?. It sounds like the processor in the clock module isn't resetting and starting up correctly when powered. Beyond that it's probably a fault in the clock section.

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Re: Help! Problem....


Thanks for the response (slow reply from me.... summer holiday period...)

I tried a lengthy full power-off - but same issue. :-(

If I sent the minimum component(s) to you (tell me exactly which!) would you be able to maybe fix this for me? Of course I would pay all transport plus your time/materials etc. - that's no problem. I just want to get it working again!!

Not sure if my email is in the board's profile? (Could not see it on a quick look) It's sgroarke AT otherwise.

Hoping you can help.


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