pcb problem

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pcb problem

Hi Tony, I have a problem with the board, I have reached the point where it is time to connect a meter to check it, and all seemed to be well I got a reading of 29.5 m.a and all of the l.e.d,s lit up except the one at the D5 position on the board, so I went over the joints with a little more solder, and now the only l.e.d. that lights up is the one at D17 the blue ones under the tubes no longer light up, there is still a reading of 29.5 ma on my meter I cannot see any shorts caused by solder, do you have any ideas on what may have happened. Thanks Stephen Dixey

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Re: pcb problem

It's possible it has just been put into sleep mode by the IR sensor, you'll need to put the heatshrink sleeving over D1 and try changing modes to wake it up.

Did you leave the USB power supply connected but switched off when you resoldered the LEDs?.

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