Get the socket upgrade?

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Get the socket upgrade?

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My wife got me this kit for Christmas (yay tinkering) and I notice the kits sold after November include bakelite sockets for the nixies. I'm a little leery of the lifespan of the IN tubes, so I was wondering if there was a way for me to get the sockets from the post-November kits?

Also, a mode where the thermometer display comes on when you wave your hand over it and stays on for 10-15 minutes would be nice...

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Re: Get the socket upgrade?

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The nixies usually last for 10+ years and the socket mod is probably of more use when first building it, just in case of faults which may be a suspect tube or LED.

I could send you a kit for the cost of parts and postage but the fastest way would be to just buy a couple of 40-pin turned pic IC sockets. The paxolin spacers only hold the pins in place until they're soldered and aren't seen once the case is assembled so with a little patience you could solder the individual pins in place and use the current full-height LEDs.
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