Cathode Cleaning ?

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Cathode Cleaning ?

Hi Tony,
Is the cathode cleaning routine activated in the 5-Relay module?
I ask the question because I don't see any cathode cleaning triggered (as it is the case in the IN-14 kit and the cylinder clock)
I had a look at the source asm code and I saw some code ready for the cleaning:
incf Cleanbyte,f
movlw .11
xorwf Cleanbyte,w
btfsc STATUS,Z
clrf Cleanbyte
movf Old_cat1,w
btfsc TICKflags,0
movf Cleanbyte,w
Call Display_byte

But the cleaning will start only when the corresponding bit in TICKflags is set to 1 (in the above example, bit0 of TICKflags) and I found nowhere in the code some instruction that will set these bits to 1.
Are these bits set by packet transmission?

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Re: Cathode Cleaning ?

No, it doesn't use the built-in cathode cleaning routine as there's no menu and only the digits usually displayed are used, unless you want to use the 'relay' feature, in which case an external routine could be used.

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