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Cylinder Clock

Posted: Mon Aug 17, 2020 8:31 pm
by jmmcg
Two of the cylinder clocks I built during the COVID-19 pandemic. Note the mods: more flexible & longer USB power lead, but more importantly the GNSS module mounted underneath that supplies time to the clock and to the USB data lines. If connected to my PC, when running ntpd, it could be a stratum 1 timeserver! (Vagaries of GNSS lock notwithstanding!) The lacquer used was "Wurth Lacquer Spray Special"; this has the alarming effect of making the perspex go milky, but if left alone the milkiness clears and it dries perfectly clear. I am quite proud of the smoothness of the lacquer (when accidentally put together the end-caps have a tendency to stick as they are so smooth!) and deep grain in the end-caps (thanks, Tony!), as I am a total beginner in wood-working! As a further mod I added a "Raspberry Pi Zero W" to takes the serial GNSS time signals, run NTP and thus act as a "stratum-0" time-server for my home network!