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Assembly instructions for the V1 chessboard.
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Re: Start here - Kit contents

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jstein wrote:So I just received my kit - and am a bit lost at where to even begin. Is there a general "first do this, then do that" outline anywhere?

Josh I sort of had the same feeling. Here is how I tackled it pretty much what Tony said. I just soldered all the parts onto the main board for one row so essentially 1/4 of the board was built. Then I made one Piece PCB and connected the tube to that, and I made one board coil and hooked it all up to make sure I had one working piece and coil. After this I have just been building more and more coils and testing them against this first board coil to make sure they are all consistent.

Another thing that really helps me with the winding is I just downloaded a counter program for my phone and I tap the + 1 button each time I come around while coiling the wire and the phone keeps track of the turns for you. Just easier for me than trying to remember what number im on. If you want some pics of my build progress let me know I will post them up for you.

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Re: Start here - Kit contents

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]So I have finally begun - small steps first, which is just organizing pieces.

My first question - it appears I have two different types of display boards. My main board (black) was partially taken apart and some of the round display boards were in a bag. However I do not have enough of the black ones (looks like I am missing one). Included are three boards which appear to be display, but they are not black (copper/brown).

Also there were no "blanks" inside the empty circle on the main board (see photo - I have not taken anything out of that board).

Is this expected?
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Re: Start here - Kit contents

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Yes it's usual for the later kits, the first batches using the printed PCBs had only the 24 printed bases that were attached to the main PCB with all the extra bagged parts being engraved copper.
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