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  1. Good Day! Just placed an order for the Nixie Chessboard DIY Kit IN-15 version as an Anniversary Gift for my husband (Order #322). Just wondering if you have an estimate on shipping times to the US? Also, wanted to point out the request for EXTRA cushioning/packaging. The boxes shipped to us via DPO can get often beat up. Appreciate your help! Really looking forward to this – he’s going to love it!

  2. Hallo,

    I have by a 5-tube Nixie Clock V1 (DIY Kit, with paxolin top). I have no idea how to finalize it. Do you have a construction manual in german language on paper?

    Best reagards from Germany

    Heinz Winkler

    1. Sorry we don’t have a translated instruction assembly guide, if you’re really stuck I can offer to complete and test it for you.

  3. I’m looking at buying the assembled board for 5-tube Nixie Thermometer V2
    Do you sell that? if not could you tell me where I could buy it?

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