5-tube Nixie Clock V1 (DIY Kit, with paxolin top)


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The original paxolin cased version of our 5-tube clock with four IN-14 numeric nixies and one IN-19V symbol nixie as the centre colon which alternates between ‘+’ and ‘-‘ symbols every second, the case has the appearance of Bakelite when polished/finished correctly.

All interaction using IR proximity sensors – no buttons or remotes.
GPS time sync 2400/4800/9600BPS (requires slight modification as a socket isn’t provided)
Short-term time backup on power loss
IR data link copies time and settings to other clocks nearby
Data link can chain up to 3 clocks together into a single display
Single alarm
Display dim on/off settings
Time calibration
Individual tube brightness calibration
Seconds tick
Random seconds tick
Fade/ripple/plain display modes
Cathode cleaning routine
Low power, less than 2W and can be powered from a standard USB port

The kit includes all parts required to build and use the clock, including a US 2-pin power supply and USB lead. Complete PCB assembly, case part sanding and polishing skills required.

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Dimensions 18 × 14 × 14 cm


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