Nixie Chessboard DIY Kit IN-7 version (Nixies Included)


60s-style Electric Chess. The lights on the chess pieces are made from ex-Soviet Nixie gas display tubes. The board uses induction coils to power the lights through the top of the board, so that no sockets are required.

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This is a DIY construction kit, not a finished board (the board is fairly simple to build, but you will still need to be confident soldering small parts). This kit will include all 32 nixie displays needed for assembly.

  • The first and only Nixie-powered chessboard in the world.
  • No plugs! Induction coils power the pieces right through the board.
  • A cool DIY project!

Assembly instructions can be found here.

Circuit-board pre-assembly is available for this item.

We’ve finally managed to secure a *small* quantity of IN-7 nixies and I’ve organised a few extra V1.5 printed coil PCBs to make use of them. This is the last time we expect the original version of the chessboard as seen in the 2012 videos to be available (though the electronics inside are newer). Supplied with 34x IN-7 and IN-7A nixies, through hole printed coil PCBs and all brass bolts and thumbnuts.

To see the chessboard in action, watch the following video:

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