Nixie Chessboard DIY Kit IN-15 version (Nixies Included)


60s-style Electric Chess. The lights on the chess pieces are made from ex-Soviet Nixie gas display tubes. The board uses induction coils to power the lights through the top of the board, so that no sockets are required.

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This is a DIY construction kit, not a finished board (the board is fairly simple to build, but you will still need to be confident soldering small parts). This kit will include all 32 nixie displays needed for assembly.

  • The first and only Nixie-powered chessboard in the world.
  • No plugs! Induction coils power the pieces right through the board.
  • A cool DIY project!

Assembly instructions can be found here.

Circuit-board pre-assembly is available for this item.

Finally! After many months and redesigns (Again!) our V1.6 boards are ready. Now using ready-made ferrite inductors as the earlier printed PCB coils were too difficult to manufacture reliably in quantity and with all-through hole assembly. Finally no more surface mount parts.

No more days weeks spent winding coils, just assemble the PCBs and concentrate instead on an individual case finish for your board. Now includes a 12V power supply.

**The board differs slightly from the original V1 in the video, it now uses a standard coaxial power socket, IN-15 nixies and steel dome nuts in place of brass fittings**

To see the chessboard in action, watch the following video:

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