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Chessboard V1.5 On Sale At ThinkGeek.com!

Merry December 10th, everybody! I’m just posting to let you know that the Nixie Chessboard 1.5 is now on sale at ThinkGeek! It’s something we’ve had in the works for about a million years, and now it’s finally happening! If you’re looking to buy a chessboard as a Christmas present, then I’d recommend the ThinkGeek […]

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Hooray! Forum pictures are working again

For those of you who couldn’t see any pictures on the forums, I’m happy to say the issue has been fixed. We messed up when moving the forums from the old server to the new one, and all post attachments (like the pictures) stopped working. Oops. Sorry, everybody! If the forum images still aren’t working […]

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Yes, I know it’s late and we’ve been over this already but..

Having recently had a batch of PCBs for another project made by a local manufacturer I would like to replace my handmade chessboard PCBs with professionally made boards. It’ll save hours of painfully slow engraving, snapped drill bits and probably about 10 days of machine time which can be used to make other parts.  I […]

By Tony | November 10, 2012 | Chessboard kit Read More