Preliminary kit contents

I’ve compiled a list of what the full kit will contain, there may be some changes to the exact case parts but this is just about complete.

IN-7 Display pieces: Surface mounted components

34x    Display PCBs
34x    Coil spacers
34x    33mm Dia. coil bases
34x    Piece base cases
25x    IN-7
9x    IN-7A
102x    ‘D’ socket pins
136x    Diodes
272x     Capacitors

Main board PCBs: Wired components

8x     PCBs 180x120mm
66x    Coil connection holder pieces (sub base)
66x    Coil base pieces 35mm Dia.
66x    Coil spacers
66x    Coil top pieces 35mm Dia.
54x     1/4W Resistors
100x    Capacitors
66x     MOSFETs
35x     Electrolytic capacitors
20x     Diodes
10x    Zener Diodes
8x     Microcontrollers
132x    M3x6 bolts
66x    M3 washers
66x    M3 nuts
110g    Enamelled copper wire
?g    Solder unleaded

Main board case parts:

1x    Engraved top board 400x400mm
1x    Base board 400x400mm
32x    1.5mm strips for laminated sides
9x    M4 Brass dome nuts
17x    M4 Brass thumb nuts
26x    M4x? Brass bolts
35x    M4 Brass washers
10x    M4 locknut washers
10x    M4 Nuts
8x    M5x25 Bolts
8x    M5 Nuts
16x    M5 Washers
64x    1.5mm Spacers

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  1. can we get a look at the circuit board diagrams and schematics? Are the instructions ready yet for viewing?

    1. Probably at least a week away from starting on the instructions but they will be available online once they’re done so they can be kept updated when problems arise.

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