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I’ll soon be ready to start engraving the board top panels, these have to be made individually and can’t just be stacked and cut. While this does take a lot of time it also gives me the opportunity to personalise each board.

They’ll each have their own serial number and there’s also quite a bit of unused space elsewhere so if you have any short custom messages you’d like added to your board let me know. There’s room for about 35 characters and it’ll be in the bottom right hand corner when viewing the board with the power terminals at the top. (Note: the squares are laid out expecting the terminals to be to one side of the players so you’d be sitting to the left and right of them).

The main job this weekend is to finalise the new baseboard design and start making those, once there’s enough for the first batch then it’s just the tops and I can start putting kits together. Then there’s just the small problem of building one for the instructions, which hasn’t really been possible unil now.


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  1. Board #22

    Something like
    Lasermad Kit built by Dave Andrews
    Built by Dave Andrews 2012
    Design: Tony Build: Dave Andrews
    Design: Lasermad Build: Dave Andrews
    Design: T.xxxxxxx Build: D.Andrews

    My idea is to incorporate/credit You as designer and me as builder, so if you are noted somewhere on the board ie Designed by Lasermad or Designed by Tony xxxxxx, then I’d like ‘Built by Dave Andrews 2012’


    1. I hadn’t considered putting my name on the board, too easy a target to start cursing at halfway through construction 😀
      If I move all the piece names to the sides of the board it’ll leave the full length along the bottom free for the serial number,designed by, built by text etc.

  2. I like the idea by SpankyMcSpank

  3. +1 for this – I think it should be “signed” and personalized. Looking good BTW – I’m so excited!!

  4. I agree with your & builder’s names on it. These will possibly become unique family heirlooms.

  5. +1 on Designer + Builder names on the board.

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