Now I remember why it’s a kit.

Wound a few coils for the baseboard last night to test the final PCB design which works great BTW, and remembered what the worst part of building the original board was.

Now that the baseboard design is done I can start making those, as everything else is done for now and the tops will be made ‘to order’ I just need to put together the assembly instructions and start emailing the first on the list for payment. The instruction posts will grow over the next couple of weeks, you’ll probably find your kit is on the way before they’re completed but I don’t want to delay things any longer, my redesigns and ‘improvements’ have already added to an underestimate of the amount of time it would take to have these ready for you.

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  1. I’m sure they’ll be awesome. Especially since I’ll have enough pieces for checkers as well.

    Is winding the coils really such a pain in the ass?

    Are you saying we may receive our kits before we get the instructions of how to assemble them?

    1. Pieces for checkers means you’ll have extra suffering 😉
      It is enough of a pain to make it worth trying to find a way of making it easier. The instructions will be done by the time you receive a kit but will be expanded as needed, I’m planning to set up a forum so kit builders can add their own comments and hints to them and I can add or change parts that aren’t clear enough.

  2. Is there no jig idea that would make winding easily possible? I’ve a 3D printer. A sketch or design in sketchup or a done stl file from you and I may be able to print a helping tool?

    1. I don’t have a 3D design for them as they’re just a stack of 2D profiles made in autocad. You’ve given me an idea though, it may be possible to design plates to sandwich the former and funnel the wire into it. As the former is quite shallow a common problem is turns springing out near the end causing you to lose count. The coil bobbin itself is 2mm deep and 1.5m wide, I’ll post some pictures of them later.

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