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I’ve received a quote for the black PCB laminate, there’s a minimum order that would be enough for about 30 boards and the extra cost including the use of brass nuts and bolts in place of steel would be £13 per set making the full kit with black PCBs and all-brass parts £185. If anyone wants to change their order please let me know.

I’ve engraved about 30 tops today, leaving the bottom edge blank so only the custom text needs to be added for each kit. All that’s left holding things up now is to make a few sets of the new 4×4 PCBs tomorrow and Saturday, then I can finally offer the first few kits for sale.

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  1. Yup, I’m still good for the Full Neon… now with Black/Brass @ £185
    Thanx, in anticipation,

  2. Black PCB for me as well please with Brass hardware.

    1. #20 Full Neon 😀

  3. “Black PCBs and all-brass parts” for me too. With the extra parts for checkers, mine will be the most expensive. I ordered new flux and one of those fume extractors in anticipation as well. Hell I’ve been upgrading all sorts of stuff in my setup to make it painless to build.

    Now… What should I have engraved…

    1. You have more gear there than I do 😉 what really helps though is a good soldering iron with a fine tip.

  4. If you got my email, you know I would love to have the black
    PCB for my set too. Brass nuts?, yes please. The worst part about this chess board for me is that I just know it is going to take me a year to get around to making the time to build it. But I am so excited, especially as it seems to keep getting better and better.

    I figured out what I want engraved: LUCK IS FOR THE PREPARED

    1. I’ll reply to your email as soon as I have a chance, sorry about that. It shouldn’t take you that long to get around to it, it’s much easier to assemble now than the original version so don’t be too put off.

      1. I’m not too concerned about being able to do it. When I start a project I like to give it my full attention and with three jobs, getting my own business going and a toddler, finding a block of time to do it can take a while. How many hours do you think it will take someone with skills that are less then great?

        Sorry if I sounded like I was being ignored. Reply whenever you can. The black PCB was my only real concern. The rest can wait until the boards are all done.

  5. Put me down for black and brass please. I’d also be interested in sourcing a second set of the board electronics from you to create a glass faced board in addition to your model. If the parts would be available please let me know!

    1. That shouldn’t be a problem, would you just want the main board PCBs and not another set of pieces?.

      1. Just an extra set of boards, I think. Oh, and a cut out trim ring too! One set of pieces should do. I want to build your kit “as is” or perhaps with a glass top and have the boards available to build into a second base. Several ideas come to mind such as a custom glass topped gaming table. Has there been any more talk on multi color “checker” pieces? I looked at those green indicators but fear there are too few to realistically use them (not to mention the price!). I had also looked at other types of tubes but didn’t see anything with a significant or impressive color difference. I’d be interested in a second set of pieces if anyone comes up with something creative for checkers!

  6. Black PCB with brass nuts for me too, please

  7. Black and brass for me as well, thanks.

    1. I’ve made a note of everyone who’s asked for them, maybe it would have been easier to ask who didn’t want them 🙂

  8. black with brass for me too please. 🙂

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