Still here

Just sorting out last minute stuff, I wanted to be sure about the total packed weight before sending out invoices.

So what have I been up to?. I finally found something to use as a spool for the copper wire so have wound some into 110g bundles. The components have been counted into bages, either by hand or weight depending on type and quantity. The board tops are engraved for those of you who wanted custom messages si I now feel ready to send out the invoices so expect one tomorrow evening.  We have a bird display tomorrow which will take all day and in spare moments I’m designing a desktop thermometer for somebody who may or may not want it, prototyping a high power (10A+) constant current regulator and supposed to be repairing some power tools I promised to look at. Plus all those little ideas that pop up and sometimes need to be followed.

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  1. haha welcome to my realm too…
    ps thanx for the update 🙂

  2. Tony,
    I am interested in your chess board kit- full meal deal with the black boards.

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