That time again….

Edit: I’ve emailed everyone still waiting, if you haven’t received anything from me please let me know here. Based on the response up to now I cannot justify the expense of buying in more black laminate as only about 1/5 of it will be used so I will supply black PCBs until what I have runs out.

(extra edit) having said that though I probably will have enough to supply all those who have asked for black laminate.


A little later than planned the second batch is complete, I’m packing them ready for collection now  and once they’re out of the way I’ll send out invoices for the third batch, probably 10 this time.

Before that though I really need to find out just how many kits are still wanted and how many of those are to be upgraded to black laminate so over the next couple of days I’ll email everybody still on the waiting list.

To avoid confusion due to my slowness I’ll update this post once they really have been sent out so don’t worry if you haven’t received anything until then. Numbers 27 and 28 are already confirmed so ‘everybody’ means  number 29 and up.

Serial numbers completed this time are 10 (from the first batch), 12, 14 and 15-23 inclusive.

Previous batch serial numbers were 1,2,4,5,6,7,8,9,11 and 13. Serial 3 is reserved for a complete set which has been requested but not yet built.


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  1. No 26 in there?…

    1. You’re serial number 23.

      1. So I moved up 3 places? I am 26 in the emails.

        Wait a minute… 23 is my lucky number… Did I ask to get 23 instead at some point? Or is it just luck?

        1. Just random chance 😉 three buyers have dropped out since I put you in at 26, for example number 18 now has serial 16 and number 23 now has serial 20.

          1. I think I remember joking about this with my dad a while ago. It was when you said you were going to reduce the serial numbers if there were drop-outs. I joked and said “looks like I might get 23” to which he responded “maybe you should ask for it”. But then I forgot to ask… (I think…)

            I guess fate wanted me to have my lucky number.

  2. Thank you 🙂

    1. I looked through the older posts but couldn’t find how much the kit costs. Is it too late to put my name on the list?

      1. I’ve replied directly to the email address you gave, a few are still available.

  3. Hi tony, didn’t get the email (nervous).

  4. I am number 27.

    1. Don’t worry, I already had you down as confirmed – I’ll reply directly tomorrow.

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