Waiting list and estimated completion.


Invoices for the third batch have been sent, the response has been surprisingly poor so a couple of the fourth batch may be receiving invoices later today.


I haven’t received any more replies so the kits to be completed are as follows:

Third batch will be numbers 27 to 36 and will have serials from 24 to 31. I’ll invoice for these shortly.

Fourth batch will be numbers 38 to 47 and will have serials from 32 to 39. I would expect these to be ready in the first half of November.

Fifth batch will be numbers 50 to 63 and will have serials from 40 to 48. I would expect these to be ready in the second half of November or early December.

Once those are out of the way I have two completed boards for numbers 3 and 46 to build.

If you missed my email or have not had a chance to reply yet serials 49 and 50 are still available. The final number of these boards made available will be 50 plus one prototype.

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  1. Why are so many people dropping out? Why would they express interest if they didn’t really want it? Maybe you should have had everybody pay in the beginning so that they couldn’t drop out.

    1. This is why Kickstarter or similar would have been brilliant, I could have just got on with making the things instead of worrying about how many will sell and what to buy to avoid being left with a pile of parts.

    2. I’ve just had a look at Kickstarter and they now have this:

      ‘To start a project as a UK creator, you need to meet these requirements:’

      If they’d allowed non-US residents back in the Summer this would have been much easier.

  2. Kickstarter takes a large portion of the money. Usually 10-15% by the time you get it into your hands. It is 8-10% on your end, plus currency conversion fees on our end. It is only reasonable for smaller, cheaper projects. It has been ruled out as a possibility on a few forums I am on because of the high overhead.

    The best option would have been for you to have us pay you directly at the beginning to reserve our spot on the list.

    1. That is a bit steep. Payapal have taken 3% at this end so chepaer but but I would have paid the difference to avoid the hassle of waiting lists, invoices, wondering how many will sell etc.
      I didn’t want to take payment until there was something ready to send, or at least close enough that nothing would hold it up for long. I would’ve had emails to deal with every day wanting to know where their kit was.

  3. I agree it’s unfortunate Tony may have excess stock, thought there’s only two left I think.

    The bit I can’t understand is how they could not want this beautiful unique creation, I have seen nothing like it and will treasure it always – I feel really privileged to be part of this whole venture.

    Again, for the millionth time, thank you from the bottom of my heart, well done Tony 🙂

    1. Thank you for the encouragement, though maybe you should wait and see just how much work it’ll take to finish 😀
      THere’s a couple more left just now, it’s not so much the worry of unsold boards – they will sell eventually, though I could do without the money being tied up. I think it’s the disappointment when somebody seems interested, enthusiastic emails up to the point you ask for the money then nothing.

      1. Yeah, totally agree with you there, have been in similar situations here with things we’ve run for groups over the years, all encouragement so you prebook, prepay and then they pull out and we’re stuck, that’s worse 🙁 lessons learnt!

        I couldn’t edit last post, but meant to add, I am sure those two will sell and you won’t be stuck with stock, but yeah having the money tied up is annoying.

        Good luck 🙂

        1. Apparently Kickstarter’s cut for UK users is going to be 5%, if there are no extras hidden that’s very little more than paypal have taken and I’ll probably be using them next time…..

          1. 5% for kickstarter + 3% for payment processing + £0.20 per pledge + VAT ~1-2% + anything else I have forgotten…

            They add fee upon fee with kickstarter… It is MUCH worse than paypal. Don’t use it!

          2. But in return I wouldn’t have been worried about how many might sell, when to invoice etc. plus losing about 20% of possible sales, some of which may have just been due to lost emails. I would probably also have gone for ready made PCBs from the start. I worry too much to risk paying £1000+ for a batch of PCBs even though it’s reasonable to expect them to sell.

  4. I am very interested in purchasing one of your Nixie Chess set kits. Please contact me if any (full or partial) kits are still available.



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