Kit despatch progress

The first 4 boards have now gone and I’ll engrave the tops for the final 5 tomorrow, they should be packed in time to leave early next week. Once these tops are engraved it will mark the ‘official’ completion of the 50 chessboard kits. A few serial numbers remain unused, surprisingly including 42 – it was requested a couple of times but never claimed. (Edit: I’ve just allocated it to the 5th board). As previously posted the remaining nixies will be used to build a small number of ready made boards which will be up for sale soon.

I still need to update the instructions, again once the ready-made boards are under way I can use those to do so. Also needed are the instructions for the nixie thermometer which should be on sale ‘elsewhere’ within the next few weeks.

Future projects? – I’m busy scraping a few nixies together for the next ideas, as always the availability of displays will limit what can be done.


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  1. Tony, Whew!!!! Congratulations! That was a heck of a run. You did good on the World’s First Nixie Chess Set.

    I’m trying to get a robot done – Then, I’ll get back to the last 16 display coils to wind and the rest of the chess set.



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