Our subtitle finally makes sense!

Our shiny new nixie clock, which should hopefully appear on ThinkGeek very shortly.

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  1. Will the assembly instructions for the clock kit be available on this site?

    Are the instructions part of the kit package sold at Thinkgeek.com

  2. Hi,
    They’ll be posted in the forums as usual once I’ve had a chance to put them together – which will probably be Wednesday as I’ll be working away late tomorrow.
    I only found out they were already up for sale a few hours ago.

  3. Um…so where are the instructions!? How can you release a product without the instructions being finished? Now I sit here with a $200 kit I can’t build? Maybe last Wednesday? Seriously? What a disappointment…

    1. I’m on them now and should have them up by the end of today. Been working this week and didn’t have any warning they were going up for sale.

  4. I got my nixie clock kit in from think geek today… The instructions are not anywhere I can find them… When will they be posted?

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