If you bought your chessboard from (or from Lasermad any time after November 2013), then you’re in the wrong place. Click here for the V1.5 instructions.

Hello there! Before we start, let me thank you for buying our nixie chessboard! I hope you like it, and that it isn’t too much of a pain to build. The list below links all of the assembly instructions you should need to get your chessboard fully-operational. But if you ever get stuck, just send an email to Tony and ask for help.

Also, you might notice our instructions are all posted on our forums. This is so people can ask for advice, or help other people out. So if you get stuck with something, try posting your issue on the boards. Somebody might have a handy solution.

Now let’s get started! I recommend you follow the list numerically, but, if you fancy, you can start on any part you like.

1: First, before doing anything, check to make sure your kit includes everything you’ll need. Look this post over.

2: Once you’re sure you got everything, start by assembling the main board PCB. Instructions are here.

3: Now, start winding the induction coils for the board. This is the most awkward part of the whole thing, I’m afraid. Seek help here.

4: Next up are the PCBs for the chess pieces themselves! There are a few surface-mount components involved in this bit. The instructions are here.

5: Next up, the chess pieces need cases. The instructions are here. This part was never properly fleshed out, so if you need further help, feel free to send Tony an email.

6: And finally, assemble and paint the board case. Instructions for that are right here. After that, you’re done! Congratulations! Now plug it in and hope it doesn’t go bang.

If you’ve followed this instructions, and still can’t get your board working, then contact us and we’ll help you out as best we can.

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