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Sheet of display bases being machined. Total time for a sheet about 5 hours, produces enough bases for about 2 1/2 sets depending on waste. A couple more days of these and there will be enough for the first batch of kits, then I’ll probably move onto the board coil bases.

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  1. What are you using to machine them Tony?

    1. The table is a no-name Chinese router with a 3kW spindle I bought used a couple of years ago. It came without control electronics so I fitted a Mach3 based PC controller to it. These pieces are routed with a 3mm solid carbide end mill and drilled with a 2mm carbide drill bit.

  2. Impressive! Hope you’re videoing a lot of the build too, it would make a great documentary when finished.
    Great stuff, great project.. again, well done Tony

  3. Great work and a LOT of work indeed; I too hope you are able to video the build process although I know that means more work

    1. I haven’t been recording up to now as it’s been frantic work just getting the parts ready but most of the machining will still need to be repeated a few times. Once the first kits are done and I can slow down a little there may be time for a few videos showing each part being made.

  4. Looking Gooood! Anxious to get the kit. 🙂

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