Timelord clocks


Merry December 10th, everybody! I’m just posting to let you know that the Nixie Chessboard 1.5 is now on sale at ThinkGeek! It’s something we’ve had in the works for about a million years, and now it’s finally happening!

If you’re looking to buy a chessboard as a Christmas present, then I’d recommend the ThinkGeek chessboard, because they’ll probably get it to you in time! At Lasermad, we don’t have ThinkGeek’s magic courier deals, so anything we post after Thursday won’t arrive until January. Bleh.

Well, thanks for reading! Have a very merry Christmas, everybody!

I’ve not posted much recently but that’s more due to the amount of projects I’ve been working on rather than the lack. Amongst these:

I will soon have ready a new easier to build version of the nixie chessboard, using printed coils and with a choice of SMD or all through-hole parts (I’ll probably end up using the SMD boards myself in ready-built boards, which will be much easier and faster to assemble using these). The PCBs haven’t been easy to make, special processing was required to produce low resistance windings that were at least as efficient as a hand wound coil with narrow tracks and spacing, even now the reject and rework rate is high and every coil is hand tested – one of the things taking up time just now.

Once the final bugs are ironed out and complete kits are available I’ll add another post with prices. This time availability will be off the shelf until sold out.

All of the outstanding completed boards have now gone out, only 3 kits remain to be posted and once they’re out of the way one remaining completed board will be listed for sale.

I’ve decided to build eight in total rather than the originally intended ten, five have been sent out, one I’ll be keeping and one is promised.

Currently I’m working on a final PCB layout for the next version of the chessboard – putting a few complete boards together gives you an idea of what needs to be changed to make construction easier. Using a single large PCB wasn’t the advantage I expected it to be and I’ve returned to the original 4×4 panel design which makes assembly and testing simpler and doesn’t appear to have any effect of rigidity. These should be available sometime next month and the waiting list for kits is already open and growing :).

After that it’s the code for the IN14 nixie clock, intended to be a matched pair with the thermometer.

ThinkGeek have cooler pictures than we do. You should go and look.

Finally! Our nixie thermometer construction kit is now on sale at Thinkgeek.com! This is a project we’ve had in the works for a long time, and it’s very exciting to get to tell you all about it at long last!

For more information about the thermometer, check out ThinkGeek’s store page! Plus, they have much cooler photographs than we do.

If you have any questions about this kit, please leave a comment, or send an email to Tony via the address on the email page.

Once again sorry about the lack of posts but have been busy – any available time between working has been spent building the ready-made boards and finishing the thermometer instructions, which should be added to the forums within the next couple of days.

They’ve finally made it to the USA afer weeks of paperwork, delays and customs clearance so should be up for sale soon, I’ll post a link once they are.