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About that kickstarter project I mentioned a while back

  Way way back in 2012, when I made the first post about the nixie chessboard, I said ‘This developed as a spinoff from the hardware and controllers I’m designing for a range of nixie clocks and watches as a ‘simple’ project that wouldn’t need much software to complete it.’ Just over four years later […]

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Christmas ordering deadlines and kit availability

It’s starting to get busy but for once we’ve had time to build up stock and have some kits on the shelf. Chessboards kits and clocks are ready but if you want anything prebuilt I’d recommend asking before purchase just to make sure I’ll have enough time to complete it. The OXO kits have been […]

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The only winning move is not to play

– but it still makes a cool desktop toy. If you don’t have space or time for a full sized chessboard this might be just what you’ve been looking for. Only 40 of these will be made available. (Yes I’m still working on the Kickstarter).   Now up for sale Here

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End of summer update

Hope you’ve all had a good summer, there wasn’t much in the way of warm weather here. I’ve been working on a few new ideas and kits which will be up for sale soon plus one larger project which will be launched as a Kickstarter within the next month, once I have a few protrotypes […]

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Christmas/holiday ordering deadlines

Yes I know no posts for weeks, that’s a good sign – I’ve been busy building stuff 🙂 If you’re interested in buying a chessboard or ‘Doom button’ kit as a present I will do my best to make sure any orders received before the 10th of December are sent out in time (If you’re […]

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Third and last chessboard design finally ready

After yet another redesign the third and final batch of chessboards is almost complete. Components are packed and we’re making the case parts and casting the piece bases now. This is the third unique version, a new design forced by the difficulties we encountered having the PCBs made for the second version – the printed […]

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Ready-built chessboards – update

The kits are now up to date and available off the shelf. Finally I expect to start sending out completed boards from the end of this week at a rate of one per week. Only about a month later than I’d have liked – sorry to those of you still waiting. When they’re finally out […]

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February Update…

Sorry to have been quiet yet again but I haven’t had any spare time since December, when we were slightly overwhelmed with orders :). I have now caught up with the chessboard kits (the last one outstanding is ready for UPS on Monday) and have a small quantity ready to post. The ready-built boards are […]

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Instructions added for the SMD pieces

I’m really sorry about the delay getting these up on the forums but they’re finally (I hope) ready and can be found here:   Remember if you sign up for a forum account to email me as soon as it’s done so I can activate it or I will just assume it’s another […]

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Chessboards Temporarily Out Of Stock

Hey everybody! We got so many orders throughout December, to the point where we’ve built a backlog of work we need to get through. Because of this, we’ve decided to (temporarily) mark all our chessboards as Out Of Stock until we clear this backlog, whereupon the boards will return to sale. If you were thinking of […]

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