The feature creep is back……

Watch out, I’ve had a new idea for the chessboard top. No, I promise I’ll just make one to try it and it won’t delay kits for the design as it stands. Really.


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  1. If it makes it a better product I’m all for it! I am very curious what it is.

  2. You are a good marketer….. We get caught with your initial ‘Whiz.’ We want to buy that and the following ‘Bang!’ Then, you wait. Now you allude to a ‘Pow!’ So, what is the cool board idea?

    1. If I was any good at the marketing there would be a pile already done to ship 😉

      It’s just a cosmetic change, I have some black fibreglas PCB laminate coming and wanted to try one with a glass top, using white and brown laminate for the coil tops to indicate square colour. All the (through hole) internal components and coils would be on show. I’ll probably have to try it with Perspex first.

  3. Hi Tony,
    THAT sounds very attractive, hope it works out.. the more prominent white squares will look great 🙂

    1. I’ll just try it with plastic for now, the priority is getting the kits done. I hadn’t thought muc about a transparent top until I found this black PCB laminate.

  4. When you told me the top can be glass I was thinking having the coils under glass and colored would be amazing. I hope it works well.

    1. I probably won’t be selling it as an option but if anyone wants to have a glass top made for their kit I’ll make the DXF available. Are you still thinking of building it into a table?, it would look good with a single glass sheet for the table top.

  5. Would I be able to add some extra parts/nixies to allow it to be a chess/checkers set? 2 games in 1 is better than just 1. I would pay an extra fee for them of course. Just thought I’d ask.

    Is this glass top an option or add-on? Scope creep is good, until a certain point where it violently falls off a cliff into the razor sharp rocks below. Basically you have to know when you can keep going, and when you have to stop. I’d say there is still some room for some scope creep since this was only made public less than a month ago.

    Now I just gotta finish those other 2 projects I have going so I can give my full attention to this when I get it.

    1. I’m not sure how practical it would be, the nixie bases as they are could be used to make 2 sets of 12 identical symbols – hmm a ‘doubled’ piece could use the King – it could be done but either you’d need 2 sets of tubes and bases or some way of switching them built into each piece. It is possible to switch them automatically but that would need a complete redesign and far more elaborate electronics in each piece to receive and process the command. Now I have an idea of making a second set of pieces using nixie and VFD tubes for ‘orange’ and ‘green’ teams…… See? – feature creep… 😉

      1. I would pay you for the parts to build an extra 20 pieces. With 23 extra IN-7 and 9 extra IN-7A. Which would bring the total up to 54 pieces, 48 IN-7, and 18 IN-7A. Can I do that? I’m sorry if I’m just being a pain… But at least you’d be making more money.

          1. IV-29 and IN-28… Epic… But too pricey for me. Let me know if you’ll let me add on those extra parts to my order. I don’t know how I’d get the exact parts I needed otherwise. There would be no checkers for Ed…

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