Kit contents – Pieces

Placeholder for what will become the assembly instructions for the chess pieces.


Case and PCB components from top left:

34x Piece base cases

34x PCBs

34x Coil spacers

17x ea. Brown and white coil end plates



Electronic components from top left:

34x C1 tuning capacitor

99x pin sockets (‘D’ connectors to be stripped for sockets)

238x capacitors C2-C8

34x D1 diodes

102x D2-D7 dual diodes


Copper wire and solder not show as I haven’t calculated how much will be needed  yet, that’ll be measured during construction of the kit for these instructions.


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  1. A Chess set has 32 pieces. You list in kit 34. Is there one extra, each color, for failure?

    1. There’s enough parts for 66 ‘squares’ too, in case any are lost or damaged during construction so you won’t spoil the whole kit if a mistake is made on one piece.

  2. Good thinking

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