Yes, I know it’s late and we’ve been over this already but..

Having recently had a batch of PCBs for another project made by a local manufacturer I would like to replace my handmade chessboard PCBs with professionally made boards. It’ll save hours of painfully slow engraving, snapped drill bits and probably about 10 days of machine time which can be used to make other parts.  I don’t want anyone who has already received a kit to be left feeling short changed but at the same time don’t want to be tied to making the PCBs when I know they could be done faster and better elsewhere.

If you’ve already received a kit and want to replace the engraved PCBs I will supply a replacement at cost price including postage – or you could keep the original boards knowing that only 22 of them will ever exist.

if you’ve paid for a kit and are still waiting I’ll be contacting you directly shortly.

I know this should have been decided much sooner but until now I couldn’t be certain a batch of 40-50 boards would sell, a lack of confidence on my part. The piece PCBs will still be engraved as I have a large number of them already made.


Another question for those already building – are the ready assembled parts useful or not?. Again if they’re not needed it will save some time and I’d like to get all the kits out before the middle of December.

Edit to add – they’ll have black solder resist, same as this board but without tracks on the top as they’re not double sided and probably not with component markings – unless there’s enough requests for them.



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  1. Hi Tony,

    Can you get the new boards with black solder-resist? If so then I might be interested in one of the new boards. Will there be any difference other than appearance?


    1. Sorry I forgot to mention that in the post, they will have black resist. Other than that the only difference will be it’ll be one single board, the component layout will be the same.

  2. I have no problem if you end up switching to a board manufacturer If that helps you “get time back.” Also the nixie clock pic you have looks pretty interesting. Is that one you are designing, or one you purchased?

    1. That particular one is built up as a thermometer but the PCB is designed to be used for a clock as well, note the empty spaces for a memory backup cap. It’s a design I put together in my spare time (!)……
      It’s not just time, the router spindle bearings are showing signs of wear now and I doubt it could produce boards of an acceptable quality without replacement. I’m just hoping it’s still up to engraving the board tops – find out later this week.

  3. Yeah I’d be down for new PCBs as I haven’t even gotten to that point yet… Maybe a new top and ring too. But to save on shipping I might not have them shipped until you start selling the Thermometer kits.

    You should find a glass engraving place and have them engrave some glass tops.

    1. I’ll have to look into the glass engraving, the original idea was to use an unmarked sheet with the coil tops marking the aquares but agree an engraved glass board would look much better.

      1. The tufnol label rings would make it so that the glass tops would just have to have the squares engraved, and thus be universal. The glass engraver would just have to produce X amounts of clear, X amounts of black smoke, etc.

        I ordered more tools… Again…

        At least when it’s done (some time next year…) it’ll be the classiest one out there.

        1. ……Until I start on the V2 😉

  4. Hi Tony!

    Of course I am a latecomer and want to get on board. I registered for the forum because I am not sure how to go about contacting you.

    Thank so much and I am sorry if I missed something obvious.


    1. There can be only 1 Ed! A fight to the death I say! 1 Aspie is enough!

      But seriously, this is quite the coincidence. Must be because of all those sparkly Edward Cullen fangirls naming their babies Edward.

      …Sooo what’s the V2 gonna be like?

      1. The V2? – nothing definite yet but it’s the one currently known as the Vx you’ll need to watch out for 😉

  5. Hi Tony,

    As per our email exchange, I would like to be put on the waiting list for a full kit.

    Maybe things will get lucky for me. Could you possibly indicate the likelihood of me actually getting one?


    1. I’ve replied directly to confirm you’ve been added to the list.

    2. Enjoy, it’s awesome… just finding the time to construct is the hard part!!

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