Nixie Chessboard (Fully Assembled)


60s-style Electric Chess. The lights on the chess pieces are made from ex-Soviet Nixie gas display tubes. The board uses induction coils to power the lights through the top of the board, so that no sockets are required.

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These chessboards take a lot of time and effort to construct. Please understand that it could take between 2-4 weeks for your board to arrive. Thank you.

  • The first and only Nixie-powered chessboard in the world.
  • No plugs! Induction coils power the pieces right through the board.
  • No assembly required, works right out of the box.

Finally! After many months and redesigns our V1.5 boards are ready. Featuring printed inductors created using special PCB processing and a choice of through-hole or surface mounted parts for the piece PCBs (the main board is through hole). Note that for now, the ready-built boards will still use the 1.5 design with surface mounted components.

This is the fully constructed chessboard option. You’ll be buying a fully built chessboard, with round IN-7 nixies and brass fittings. You’ll be able to simply unbox the game and plug it in.

To see the chessboard in action, watch the following video:

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